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BUiLDing products

Evo Building products (previously Combined Group of Companies Pty Ltd) was established in 2004 to market and distribute innovative construction equipment and roofing products to the building industry in Australia.

Since then we have grown to become a leading supplier to major national merchant chains, buying groups and independent traders.

Significant product launches for Evo Building Products:

2004 – Wakaflex lead-free flashing, it’s the first lead-free flashing roll in Australia.

2007 – Butyl Tape, multi-purpose waterproofing and adhesive tape

2007 – Gorilla Tubs, the toughest most flexible tubs in the construction industry.

2009 – Flashtite, penetration flashing for tile roofs made from Wakaflex.

2009 – Ladder Roof Hook, an extension to any roof ladder, securing the ladder over the ridge tiles.

2009 – Mixing Tray, durable and mobile mixing tray to keep the work area clean.

2010 – Fastfix, aluminium reinforced butyl flashing tape for everyday flashing repairs.

2011 – Smartform, 60% stretchable aluminium flashing that’s fully adhesive.

2011 – Gorilla Brooms, strong steel tube with tough bristles for the toughest worksite.

2012 – Rapstrap, a releasable cable tie that can stretch 60% and get 5 ties with one strap.

2013 – Recoh-vert, shower heat exchanger that won the ‘Selector Best New Product Award’

2014 – Caulked N’ Ready, keeps the silicon gun attached to your belt and stops mess.

2014 – Solar Penetration tiles & Vent tiles. New tiles for roof ventilation and solar installations.

2014 – SafeClamp, a strong and lockable ladder clamp for roof racks. Secures ladders in seconds.

2014 – ANKAme. Permanent and temporary roof anchors suitable for single point and static line anchorage.

Innovative construction equipment and roofing products supplied across Australia.