Rapid Ridge





Rapid Ridge Ventilated Dry Ridge System is a brand new concept in Australia. Although widely used throughout Europe for many years, here in Australia we have not moved from a ‘wet’ traditional method of mortar and pointing for securing ridge caps. The dry ridge system is not only quicker and easier to install, but it provides huge environmental benefits including a lower electricity bill for cooling costs.

The system, which can be installed in most weather conditions, allows an open ridge at the highest point in the roof. This facilitates a continuous flow of air through the roof and eliminates the radiating heat through the tiles into the roof space. It can be installed in half the time compared to traditional mortar and pointing and requires no maintenance post installation.



Allowing the roof to breathe is important not just for the structure of the roof but also for the health of the people living there. Air movement is the most important element of passive cooling as this cools the building by carrying hot air out of the building. This can be particularly effective as the sun sets after a hot day and the outside temperatures drop.

Air circulation helps to prolong the life of the roof structure by reducing the severity of temperature fluctuations over time.


The Rapid Ridge Ventilated Dry Ridge System consists of 4 component parts that work together to securely hold the ridge caps in place and also allows the roof to breathe with a continuous flow of air under the tile and over the sarking so the sealed building envelope is not impacted.


A UV stabilized fleece is placed over the ridge, with up to 50% stretch for ease of installation and butyl strips for adhesion. Using an advanced labyrinth technology, the fire resistant fleece allows air to be released but keeps the roof ridge weather tight (tested by CSIRO Aus/NZ 404.9 ‘Dynamic Weather Resistance’).


The ridge clips have been designed especially for the Australian market to fit the most common roof tile profiles. Each ridge cap is held securely in place with the clip. The ridge caps are fixed securely with the clips to the ridge batten.


The batten holder allows easy fixing of the ridge and hip batten and is designed to withstand a wind uplift load of 800 N/m. It can be bent and split by hand to suit various heights and rafter alignment.


The Eaves Comb filler sits on the eaves board under the last course of tiles and allows the air to continually circulate up under the tiles. This continuous circulating air prevents heat from the tiles radiating through the roof.

To eliminate the need for mortar and pointing we recommend the use of Flexim Roof putty for all seals. This is ready-to-use, permanently elastic roof mortar that has been used to seal roofs in Europe since 1985. It is conveniently packed in strips and is an environmentally friendly product.



The Home Owner benefits with a cooler & healthier home

  • Achieve all the benefits of roof ventilation with a no maintenance complete passive system
  • Save up to 43% on cooling energy costs during the year
  • Incorporate world best roof building practice into your home for long lasting roof functionality

The Builder/Roofer benefits with lower cost to install

  • Install a dry ridge system in less than half the time compared to mortar and pointing
  • Use a tried and tested complete system that is in use throughout Europe
  • Use one product that is dry and clean for universal application on ridge and hip (in most weather conditions)

The Architect benefits with a better looking and functioning roof

  • Promote best practice that is better for the environment and better for the home owner into your designs
  • Be first to market and educate your clients on an Australian first that is widely used in Europe
  • Achieve improved aesthetics on the roof with better ventilation (i.e. no whirly birds!)
Name Code Description Colour Dimension
Rapid Ridge Eaves Comb RREC1 Eaves Comb Air Inlet unit Black 1000mm x 24mm x 30mm
Rapid Ridge Batten Holder RRBH1 Versatile Ridge batten holder Aluminium 50mm x 208mm x 35mm
Rapid Ridge Weather Barrier RR280TC Weather Proof Overlay Ridge Fleece Black, Grey, Terracotta 5000mm x 280mm
Rapid Ridge Clip RRCBT Boral Terracotta Ridge Clip Black, Grey, Terracotta Standard
Rapid Ridge Clip RRCBC Boral Concrete Ridge Clip Black, Grey, Terracotta Standard
Rapid Ridge Clip RRCMT Monier Terracotta Ridge Clip Black, Grey, Terracotta Standard
Rapid Ridge Clip RRCMC Monier Concrete Ridge Clip Black, Grey, Terracotta Standard

The only ridge product available that is tested to provide both ventilation and protection from driving rain, with extensive wind tunnel testing for ventilation and testing by CSIRO for ‘Dynamic Weather Resistance’ to AS4046.9.

The advanced double labyrinth ventilation technology (patent protected) has easy to form, highly flexible Alu-side strips with a nail band and butyl strips for firm sealing. This facilitates an easy install on any ridge or hip.